My Childbirth Journey at St. Joseph’s Hospital, Phoenix: An Experience to Cherish

‍Hey there, wonderful moms and moms to be! I go by the name Jessica, a fellow mom who loves to blog about my experiences. Today, I’m excited to tell you all about my incredible journey of giving birth at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix. From the care during pregnancy to the support after delivery, every step of the way felt like a beautiful dream come true.

Prenatal Care: Preparing for the Big Day

When I discovered that I was expecting a baby, my immediate action was to schedule an appointment for preconceptual counseling at St. Joseph’s. During the session, they assessed my overall well being, identified any possible risks and provided valuable advice on how to establish the most nurturing environment for my developing child. It proved to be an eye opening encounter, particularly for first time mothers like myself.

Midwifery: Natural Childbirth at Its Best

As someone who appreciates the concept of natural childbirth, I was excited to discover that St. Joseph’s has certified nurse midwives who specialize in this field. They offered me individualized support throughout my entire labor experience, making sure I had a say in every decision. And you know what’s even better? They had high quality emergency care ready at a moment’s notice in case it was needed for any high risk situations.

High-Risk Pregnancies: Expert Care for Mother and Child

St. Joseph’s is also well-equipped to handle high-risk pregnancies through their Division of Maternal Fetal Medicine. Although I didn’t need these services, it was comforting to know that they were there if needed.

A Sneak Peek: Touring the Birthing Facility

During the final stage of my pregnancy, I had the opportunity to visit the Family Birth Center at St. Joseph’s Hospital. It was an incredible and eye opening experience that allowed me to better envision what giving birth will be like. The tours for expecting mothers are typically scheduled on the first and third Sunday of each month and I strongly encourage all moms to be to consider attending!

Labor and Delivery: A Comforting Experience

On the day of delivery, I was brought to a separate room specifically designed for labor, delivery and recovery. The hospital is well equipped with anesthesiologists available at all times and a dedicated section for high risk births. What truly impressed me was their Level III Nursery Intensive Care Unit, which is fully equipped to provide specialized care for premature babies or those with unique requirements.

My personal experience was great. The nurses were friendly and helpful. The nurse midwife that delivered my baby was spectacular. She was very caring and sweet. I was in labor for about 5 hours, and my midwife stayed for the actual birth even though her shift had ended. They could have sent in another midwife to take over. That was a nice touch to have the same midwife the entire labor.

Post-delivery, I was moved to the Mother-Baby Care unit. I had the choice to keep my baby with me 24/7, which I absolutely loved. The nurses assisted me in baby care, feeding, and provided all the necessary support. They came in at various times to check on us, wake me up for feedings and diaper changes. They also did their normal stuff you see during a maternity stay. Hearing and eye checks, weigh-ins, and a host of other things that seem to keep you awake all night. I have never enjoyed that part of any of my three births.

Capturing the First Moments

A nice service offered by St. Joseph’s is their newborn photography service. They captured my baby’s first smile, and I can’t tell you how precious those pictures are to me. You can check out the service here.

Care for Premature Infants: Advanced Technology Meets Skilled Healthcare

Even though my baby wasn’t premature, I was impressed by the advanced technology and skilled healthcare the hospital provides for premature infants. They have units equipped with ECMO and HFPV technology to ensure the best care for these little fighters.

Umbilical Cord Blood Donation Program: A Chance to Save a Life

St. Joseph’s, in partnership with the Arizona Public Cord Blood Program, gives you the option to donate your baby’s umbilical cord blood. It’s a great way to potentially save a life, and I was proud to participate in this program.

Quality Improvement and Patient Safety

St. Joseph’s is recognized as a Birthing-Friendly hospital, which means they’re dedicated to improving maternal outcomes. They participate in quality improvement collaboratives and have implemented projects to address complications.

Addressing Racial and Ethnic Disparities: Transparency in Performance Measures

The hospital also makes sure to provide clear information about its performance measures regarding racial and ethnic disparities. This transparency is vital, not just for patients to make informed choices about their care, but also for setting higher standards within the healthcare industry.

In conclusion, my experience at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix was truly unforgettable. The level of care, support and professionalism I received was unparalleled. I will always cherish the journey of bringing my little one into this world and I am immensely grateful to the exceptional team at St. Joseph’s for their significant role in making it possible.

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