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West valley moms Jessica, Becki, Amy and Arantza.

Jessica, Becki, Amy and Arantza

We’re back after a short hiatus. We did a completely new website re-design, new logo, pruned off some of the older blog posts that were short or unnecessary and kept some of our most important and favorite articles. Some of the articles are still being updated and will slowly be re-added, so if you are looking for something from the past, don’t worry it will probably be back shortly. Unfortunately we lost all of the old comments from you ladies, but feel free to make new comments!

Thank You For Being Here

When I found out that I was expecting a baby, I experienced a range of emotions and was faced with numerous choices and tasks. It was an overwhelming time as I had to prepare for the arrival of our little one while also wanting to progress in my career. To cope with all this uncertainty, my go to approach was extensive research to gain the confidence needed for quick decision making.

Consequently, I started creating a detailed Google document that grew rapidly. It included pages upon pages of my research findings, recommendations for products, valuable lessons learned and personal reflections throughout my pregnancy journey. Little did I know that this document would be shared among friends and their acquaintances, eventually leading to the formation of a community of new mothers within that Google doc.

This experience made me realize something profound; With my ten years of expertise in marketing, I could transform this modest Google Doc into something truly impactful. Not just for myself but also for ambitious mothers everywhere. And that’s exactly what I set out to achieve.

I started the West Valley Moms Blog with the goal of making the daily challenges of motherhood simpler. Personally, I designed the logo, built the website and carefully selected a range of helpful checklists, product recommendations, self reflections and lessons learned to address common concerns that moms face. I take my responsibilities seriously and make thoughtful decisions. Every piece of advice or opinion I offer on this platform is backed by thorough research and my own personal experiences.

The West Valley Moms Blog goes beyond being just a content sharing platform. It’s a mission to empower mothers who are striving to strike a harmonious balance between their fulfilling careers and cherishing those precious moments of motherhood. It’s about living a fulfilled, balanced, present and beautiful life even in the midst of all the chaos.


Learn From Experienced Moms

Becoming a mother has added a whole new dimension to who I am, completely changing how I view ambition and success. Even though I achieved my lifelong dream of being a stylist at the young age of 25, everything changed when my first child arrived. The job that once excited me suddenly lost its appeal. I felt torn between fully embracing motherhood and finding fulfillment in an exciting career. I knew I had to do both.

I created West Valley Moms Blog with the goal of providing a valuable resource to simplify the chaos of everyday motherhood. But it’s more than just a place for publishing content – it’s a mission to empower mothers who strive to find that delicate balance between having a rewarding career and cherishing precious moments with their children. It’s about living a life that feels fulfilled and balanced, being fully present in each moment and finding beauty amidst all the craziness. 

Together the four of us will share our parenting experiences with all of you new moms out there.

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