I Did a Boudoir Shoot!

West Valley Moms Blog writer Jessica, wearing a sun dress in the desert.

I had been thinking about what I wanted to get for my husband for our anniversary for several months. The usual things just seem to get boring after a while. Over the years I have gifted him a silk robe, a Citizen watch, an 18k gold chain necklace and a few other things that just collect dust.

So, this year I wanted to do something different. I turned 35 this year and decided I wanted to get boudoir photos. I’ve worked super hard to get back to the weight I was before I had kids. After two years in the gym, I finally hit my goal weight before Christmas. I did put on a few pounds over the holidays but overall, I felt like I was in good enough shape to GO FOR IT!

I started researching the local boudoir photographers in Phoenix and comparing prices. One thing I learned: boudoir can be expensive. I was quoted over $10,000 from some of the photographers. And personally, I didn’t feel their photos were all that good. So, I kept researching.

I finally came across the website of Michael Jones. WOW is all I can say. His portfolio blew me away, especially his maternity photos. I wish I would have found him back when I was pregnant. And he gave me a really good price. I paid right around $2,500 for everything. I got the photo session, over 50 images on a nice flash drive with a gift box, a beautiful linen cover photo album, and makeup.

One thing I noticed about most boudoir photographers is that their photos are pretty tame. As most boudoir photographers are women, they seem to be more on the milder end as far as sexy goes. However when I look at male boudoir photographers, their photos are more like what men would want to see.

I opted for an outdoor boudoir shoot rather than doing a bedroom type scene. Michael knew the perfect desert location just outside of Phoenix.

Next, I went shopping for some sexy push up bras at Victoria Secret and ordered a few other items, like the white corset, from Amazon.

Michael was super professional. He guided me through the poses, stopping periodically to show me some of the images on the screen on his camera. For the first time in a long time, I felt beautiful.

I Love My Photos

And when I got my photos and album, I was actually stunned by how beautiful I looked. I’m so proud of how my photos came out. And since we try to promote body positivity on this blog, I will bare myself to the world and post some of my favorite pics from my boudoir session. Hope you enjoy.

Btw, Michael put several of my photos on his website, so if you want to see more go check them out.

Self Love Is Key

I definitely recommend boudoir if you are looking for a way to feel sexy again. It’s not just a gift for your husband, but a gift for yourself too. I walked away from the entire experience with a new sense of self love.

My husband absolutely loved his anniversary gift. He can’t put the album down, and he uploaded the digital copies to his phone so he can look at them whenever he wants.

I highly recommend Michael Jones if you are looking for an amazing boudoir photographer in Phoenix. Becki just booked her session with him after she saw my photos. Maybe we’ll even get her to post a few pics! And he said he’ll give a good deal to any of our readers who mention they are readers here. So check him out!

9 thoughts on “I Did a Boudoir Shoot!”

  1. Wow Jessica, you are drop dead gorgeous. And brave for posting these pics! The photographer did an amazing job too, I love the editing (dark and moody color vibe). Let’s do lunch next weekend!

  2. Damn girl, those pics are hot. Might have to do this for my husband next. Not sure about using a man for a boudoir photographer though. Although that price is tempting.

    1. I used to think that too! But all of my friends that have done boudoir with a female photographer have said they weren’t really satisfied with the results. I mean they liked it, but their husbands didn’t like go crazy for the pics or anything. I think men just know how to take sexy pics of women. I don’t think I would recommend a female boudoir photographer after comparing all of the portfolios and then experiencing it for myself. The pics speak for themselves.

  3. Woah I’m in awe of this post. You are so pretty! You must have good genes to have kids and still look like that. I’m pregnant with my first and worried I’m gonna look a lot different after. I’ve gained 20 pounds already. Does this photographer do maternity boudoir? I might be interested.

    1. Thank you! Every woman is different, but we are all beautiful. Definitely do the maternity boudoir shoot girl! Curtis does really beautiful maternity photos, go check out his website!

  4. I also used Michael for my boudoir photos. He’s so fun and makes it easy. I love my pics and recommend him to everyone. His prices are also the lowest too.

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